New NBA 2K21 PS5 Gameplay Trailer Shows off Some High Quality, Sweaty Players

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New NBA 2K21 PS5 Gameplay Trailer Shows off Some High Quality, Sweaty Players

If you’ve been waiting for a glimpse at how sweaty the NBA 2K21 players look on the PlayStation 5, then your wait is over. 2K Games released a new gameplay trailer on Tuesday, showing off the game’s updated graphics capabilities for next generation consoles.

The trailer throws the camera directly into the action, with high resolution players dunking and celebrating their shots. The focus shifts to a Mavericks player as he comes out of the locker room and onto the court, with the camera showing the updated graphics for everyone from players to coaches to even the mascots.

Switching focus, the trailer gets into the real meat of the game: basketball. We see the Warriors take on the Mavericks, each player sweatier than the last. Really, there’s a lot of sweat on these player’s foreheads, but it’s some impressive sweat.

A flyover shows the cheerleaders, players, mascots and coaches on the court walking around the court, with dynamic lighting for all of them. Even the court itself glistens with a saturated white light that moves with the camera.

All footage from the trailer was captured from a work-in-progress build of the game, so we may see some changes in the game’s look when it comes to next generation consoles. The game is expected to launch for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X the same week the consoles release.

You can check out the trailer (and the sweaty brow of Steph Curry) for yourself below.

Nicolas Perez is an editorial intern at Paste and opinion co-editor for New University. He’s rambling on Twitter @Nic_Perez__.

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