Switch Controllers Are Now Compatible With NES Classic

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Switch Controllers Are Now Compatible With NES Classic

Thanks to a new firmware update for 8Bitdo’s Retro Receiver, Nintendo Switch controllers are now compatible with the NES Classic.

The update, live now, enables players to use the newly compatible JoyCons or Switch pro controllers with their NES Classic Edition consoles. These controllers join the ranks of the already-compatible PS4, PS3, Wiimote and Wii U Pro controllers that have worked with with 8bitdo’s Bluetooth adapter since late last year.

The adapter, which currently goes for $16.99 on Amazon, offered a generous range extension for players who were previously shackled to their TVs by the system’s two-foot controller cable. However, if you’d prefer a more classically shaped controller but still want to enjoy this type of extended range, you can read more about Nyko’s bluetooth NES Classic controller or their extension cable here.

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