New Call of Duty Teaser Strongly Hints at Black Ops III

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New Call of Duty Teaser Strongly Hints at Black Ops III

Earlier this year Activision announced that developer Treyarch would be returning for a 2015 installment of the Call of Duty franchise. And although we don’t have any new information as to what that title will be, we can say with certainty that everyone involved is heavily hinting that it will be the long-awaited Black Ops III.

The rumors of the third Black Ops title have been circulating online lately. Now Activision has released a telling, and quite cryptic, short that seems to be toying with players. The short is titled “Back in Black” and if that title isn’t enough to convince you that the third installment of Black Ops is on the way, the teaser includes a series of quotes first spoken by characters in the first two Black Ops games. Every quote has been transcribed and listed below in case you don’t believe us.

“This should help you remember everything.”
“The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?”
“Everything you know is wrong.”
“Your life will be consumed by absolute loss.”
“He doesn’t need his own weapons; he’s got ours.”
“They’ll always need men like us.”
“Our greatest barrier is our own fear, our own doubts.”
“The only thing holding us back is how far we are willing to go.”

The mention of the name Mason is of course referring to Alex Mason, the primary character of Black Ops II, a CIA agent and retired Marine Force Recon Captain.

The video concludes with the image of a dual-wielding soldier, first featured on the cover of the first Black Ops game. The video then depicts the Roman numeral for the number one, which splits off to become a three. Everything seems to be checking out. And although the teaser states that the world reveal for the title will not arrive until April 26, we’re pretty certain we’ve cracked the impossible code.

Check out the video above to become part of the conversation.

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