Nintendo Will Get You to Play with Cardboard with Nintendo Labo

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Nintendo Will Get You to Play with Cardboard with Nintendo Labo

Today Nintendo announced the next big thing coming to your Switch: lots and lots of cardboard.

Nintendo Labo combines the motion controls and portability of the Switch with paper craft cutouts to help players connect with games in a novel way. The cardboard attachments and peripherals will fit around the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers or around the tablet itself to create what Nintendo calls a Toy-Con. These themed Toy-Cons are then used to play minigames on the Switch. It looks like a more creative and playful version of the various plastic knickknacks that were rushed to market during the height of the Wii fad ten years ago.

Labo will be released on April 20 with two different kits that will be sold separately. The Variety Kit will let you build a cardboard piano with working keys, a fishing rod, a house, a car and a motorcycle, with games to match. That’ll cost $69.99. The Robot Kit will launch at $79.99 and let you build a cardboard robot suit with a headset that will hold the Switch tablet. The game shown for the Robot Kit in the video below looks a lot like Project Giant Robot, the untitled and unreleased Wii U game that was only publicly shown once, at E3 2014. In addition to these two kits, there will also be an accessory set that will help you decorate your cardboard gaming toys for $9.99.

If you’re wondering how any of this works, check out this video that Nintendo released today.

nintendo labo 2.jpg

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