Does Nintendo Have an N64 Mini in the Works?

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Does Nintendo Have an N64 Mini in the Works?

A NeoGAF forum poster named Rösti has found a European Nintendo trademark application that appears to have been filed two days ago. Lest you think this is just another one of those godforsaken Amiibo, here’s the drawing they filed, via the EUIPO:

Nintendo Trademark N64 Main.jpeg

If that image doesn’t immediately fill your mind with memories of Mario Kart races long completed or Super Bros. long since smashed, then why are you even reading this article?

We digress: As Game Informer points out, Nintendo has made similar filings for the NES and SNES. Given Nintendo’s recent run of releasing miniature versions of those classic consoles, including the NES Classic and SNES Classic, it definitely seems possible an N64 Classic could be the next iteration.

If that does turn out to be the case, we call Oddjob in Goldeneye right now. You heard it here first.

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