Nintendo Direct (Sep. 13) Announcements Include Doom, Wolfenstein II, More

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Nintendo Direct (Sep. 13) Announcements Include Doom, Wolfenstein II, More

An avalanche of videogame news and announcements came in the form of Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation, where the developer showcased a large number of first- and third-party titles coming to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo fans were provided closer looks for previously announced games, most notably Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which will feature Legendary Pokemon Necrozma heavily, and Monolith Soft’s open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which now has a release date of Dec. 1. The Direct also detailed updates to Splatoon 2, with a new map and weapon, and the returning map “Kelp Dome” from the first game. Additionally, the Direct mentioned the forthcoming Arms update that allows players to remap controls.

New game announcements from Nintendo included 3DS title Kirby: Battle Royale, a straight-up multiplayer brawler that pits Kirbys with different copy abilities against each other in heated fights. Also on the 3DS is Mario Party: The Top 100, which is a compilation of the “best” Mario Party minigames from all 10 console games—masochists will be sure to enjoy playing all 100 in one session. Switch sleeper hit Snipperclips is being rereleased with new content as Snipperclips Plus, with the new content being available to owners of the original as DLC.

On the third-party side, the Switch port of Skyrim was given the release date of Nov. 17. Nintendo also mentioned previous announcements of Nintendo-themed cars in the Switch version of Rocket League, the announcements of “Nindies” like Super Meat Boy Forever and a version of L.A. Noire coming to the Switch. Additionally, a demo of Square Enix’s RPG with working title Project Octopath Traveler came out on the Switch right after the Direct.

A surprising third-party announcement came from Bethesda, as Nintendo announced that both Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Given that the Switch’s hardware isn’t as high-end as the competition, this was a pleasant surprise to Nintendo fans, who will be able to play the hit Doom on the go starting this holiday season. We’re likely to see some graphical downgrades in both games, and while Doom will include all levels and DLC, the SnapMap level editor will not be included in the Switch version, and multiplayer will require a separate download for owners of the physical edition (per Engadget).

Nintendo’s showstopper was the highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey, which ended the Direct presentation. Nintendo showed off many previously announced and newly revealed worlds and stages (we will never get tired of saying “New Donk City,” by the way), and elaborated on many features of the game. A Switch bundle including the game, along with Mario-red Joy-Con controllers and a carrying case, will launch with the game.

But the biggest revelation of all, by far, was that Mario does indeed, have nipples.

When you’re done obsessing over that little factoid, watch the full Nintendo Direct below.

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