Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Adds Bluetooth Functionality, and Prices Drop in Europe

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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Adds Bluetooth Functionality, and Prices Drop in Europe

The Nintendo Switch firmware received System Update Ver. 13 on Sept. 14. The slew of minor changes is highlighted by the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity, a relatively important upgrade. Other new features include an “Update Dock” option for Dock software updates under System Settings, the ability to maintain internet connection while in Sleep Mode, and a change in how control stick calibration is accessed in System Settings.

As of yesterday, the Nintendo Switch will have Bluetooth capability, allowing people using the Switch in portable mode to connect to wireless headphones. There will also be uses for the Nintendo Switch’s new Bluetooth functionality for people that have their Switch docked and connected to a television, evidenced by the feature’s limitations. Only two wireless controllers can be connected to the Switch while it is linked to Bluetooth audio. The Nintendo Switch can also only be connected to one Bluetooth audio device at one time, but it can save up to 10 to be quickly connected. The Nintendo Switch also will not be able to use Bluetooth microphones, and there is a disclaimer among Nintendo’s notes that players “may experience audio latency depending on [their] Bluetooth device.”

In other Nintendo Switch news, EuroGamer reports that the retail price for the console is dropping across Europe with the release of the OLED model imminent. The updated console is set to drop Oct. 8 with the new Metroid Dread game in tow. The EU version’s price has been dropped from €330 to €300, while the UK model price has dropped from £280 to £260. Officially, Nintendo of Europe does not set the hardware price for retailers, but it is expected that the price set for its own store will be followed by big box stores. However, there are as of yet no plans to drop the price in North America, despite what some fans might wish, as reported by Stephen Totilo of Axios.

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