Blizzard Teases Incoming Overwatch Hero in New “Interview”

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Blizzard Teases Incoming Overwatch Hero in New “Interview”

In an “interview” with fictional 11-year-old scientist and Numbani native Efi Oladele, Blizzard began to tease a new Overwatch hero today.

We should make it clear now that Doomfist hopefuls should manage their expectations. Director Jeff Kaplan already established last week that the game’s 24th hero “is not who you think it is,” and the hero likely teased in today’s blog post sounds more likely to be an AI-driven robot (or the young inventor Oladele herself, though such a young character being playable in a shooter seems a bit of a stretch).

Efi expresses her interest in using her robotics and AI knowledge to “build something that can keep us safe.” When asked about her exact plans for a large amount of grant money she’s been endowed with, she responds, “Oh … I have an idea … ” before deeming her plan a “secret for now.”

Read Blizzard’s tease “interview” here, stay tuned for more updates on future Overwatch character announcements and if you’re out of the loop concerning the whole Doomfist thing, check out Terry Crews’ mock audition for the character below.

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