Overwatch Reveals 24th Hero, “Anchor Tank” Orisa

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Overwatch Reveals 24th Hero, “Anchor Tank” Orisa

Blizzard’s recent Overwatch hero tease just got paid off: the developers have introduced the hit hero shooter’s 24th playable character, Orisa. In the video above, Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduces the new Omnic hero, providing insight into her backstory, abilities and overall strategy. Orisa is currently available on Overwatch’s test servers, and will soon hit standard servers, where she figures to function as an alternative to Reinhardt.

Built by Numbani robotics prodigy Efi Oladele out of discarded defense robot parts, Orisa is described as an “anchor tank.” Her projectile-based machine gun, the Fusion Driver, is said to have more range than nearly any other tank’s primary weapon, while her secondary fire pulls opponents into a certain area, like a smaller version of Zarya’s ultimate. In a cruel twist for players who were hoping that a certain near-mythic character would be the game’s 24th hero, Kaplan reveals that Orisa’s model of robot was actually created to defend against Doomfist.

Watch Kaplan introduce Orisa above, and find the hero’s origin story below.

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