Phantom Halls Creeps onto PC this Halloween

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Phantom Halls Creeps onto PC this Halloween

This Halloween, Phantom Halls is stepping out of 18 months of early access and celebrating its official V1 release. It’s been available on Steam for quite some time now, but the early access label has helped the devs at Incendium give the players exactly what they want, according to a Tuesday press release.

Phantom Halls leads players through a procedurally generated haunted house filled with homages to beloved b-horror movies. Today’s trailer puts a lot of the squad-based combat on display, but shies away from showing the game’s comedic elements. That being said, the fighting looks just silly enough to be a fun party game on its own. Thanks to its 2D view, throwing friends into zombie hordes should be easy. Somebody has to be the tank, after all.

Incendium adds that a co-op mode will be available in local or wireless modes, and single player will be included as well, per player request. Incendium made an effort to listen to people and after a year and a half, that’s clear. It’s a niche game that scratches an itch, and the studio aims to keep that going for the people who love it. Whether that person is you or not depends largely on how you feel about the game’s aesthetic.

For $12.99, Phantom Halls is a fun Halloween party game worth taking note of at the very least. Player characters are based on horror movie tropes, and you get to wander through a spooky house with your friends; it’s a simple pitch that looks like it’ll deliver. B-movie horror fans rejoice on Oct. 31, when Phantom Halls comes to Steam as a full game. See the new trailer below.

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