Here’s a First Look at the John Carpenter’s Halloween Pinball Machine

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Here’s a First Look at the John Carpenter’s Halloween Pinball Machine

Michael Myers, the hardest working murderer in show business, is back, and this time in pinball form. Spooky Pinball LLC—the Wisconsin-based company that gave us pins based on Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie, and that released our favorite pin of 2017, Total Nuclear Annihilation—announced John Carpenter’s Halloween today, and it looks like a real humdinger for fans of Carpenter, horror, or pinball.

Spooky dropped a detailed trailer this morning, which you can find below. It reveals that the machine will have great artwork from Jason Edmiston, newly recorded dialogue from the movie’s costar P.J. Soles (Riff Randell herself), and, of course, Carpenter’s unmistakable, iconic theme, which all on its own should be enough to creep anybody out. In fact the complete score from the film will be heard in the game, along with original music inspired by it from Matt “Count D” Montgomery. And the playfield is flush with cool features that reference the movie: a flashing pumpkin toy, a Judith Myers tombstone ball-lock, two playable upper playfields (including one that seems based on the bedroom from the movie’s climax), four different ramps, some kind of elaborate gimmick built around Myers poking out from behind that hedge—all the fun gimcracks and gewgaws you expect from a 21st century pinball machine, and all with a Halloween sheen.

Oh, and the plunger? It’s a knife handle. Grisly.

Check out the trailer below. If you’re interested in buying one, they’ll go up for sale on July 7 at 9 a.m. central for members of the Spooky Pinball Fang Club. Who wouldn’t want a pinball machine covered in drawings of Donald Pleasance in their house?

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