The PlayStation 5 Digital Conference Will Happen This Week, For Real This Time

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The PlayStation 5 Digital Conference Will Happen This Week, For Real This Time

The PlayStation 5 digital conference has its new air date, barring another delay from whatever 2020 has in store for us next.

As announced on its official Twitter account, Sony plans to unveil the games being developed for its upcoming console on Thursday at 4 p.m. ET, a week after the event was initially planned.

The announcement had leaked a few hours earlier due to some noticing ads for the event airing on Twitch, but now the word is officially out.

Senior director of SIE content communications Sid Shuman clarified in the updated blog post that the stream will run at 1080p at 30 frames per second, so it won’t look as good the games will on an actual PS5. Shuman also encouraged viewers to watch with headphones, as the stream will apparently have some “cool audio work” that won’t be as evident through speakers. Perhaps they’ll be replicating the “3D audio” teased in March’s spec-heavy presentation

The digital conference, which will run a bit over an hour and reveal the first handful of games being developed for the PlayStation 5, was initially announced last week, before the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd and police brutality aimed at African Americans reached their peak. Eventually, the voices of black and allied protestors demanding justice for Floyd and the numerous other African Americans who have lost their lives to systemic police brutality became too loud for even the international tech company to ignore, and Sony delayed the event to an unspecified date.

Now, however, those at Sony are ready to have their conference, despite the continuing protests. It’s likely a difficult position to be in, as each day delayed throws plans even more out of whack, yet these protests have no clear end date, and the larger conversation surrounding racism and targeted violence toward black people will likely never end. For better or worse, however, Sony plans to move ahead Thursday.

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