Pokémon Spec Commercial Pulls the Ol’ Heartstrings

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Pokémon Spec Commercial Pulls the Ol’ Heartstrings

Pokémon has always been deceptively good at making you cry. Remember the end of the first Pokémon movie where Ash gets turned to stone and Pikachu’s tears bring him back to life? That stuff really sneaks up on you.

Now, fan and filmmaker John Wikstrom is here to make you feel things you weren’t prepared to feel with his spec ad, “Pokémon: Evolutions — Sun and Moon Commercial.” It’s unassociated with Nintendo or The Pokémon Company, but it’s remarkable what a good job the video does at bringing you back that state of mind when Pokémon was this new and exciting thing to explore.

You can watch Wikstrom’s video embedded above.

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