A Fan Completely Remade Resident Evil 2 Games Video Resident Evil

A Fan Completely Remade Resident Evil 2

Rod Lima is an uber fan of the Resident Evil franchise. He has spent the last three years recreating Resident Evil 2 using the Unreal Engine 3. Hot on the heels of the remastered first entry, Lima’s has released a playthrough of the game, an impressive feat for an aspiring developer.

Despite the latest treatment of Resident Evil, the 1998 sequel has never received an update. Although many ports for Resi 2 have been released, nobody has ever taken the initiative to recreate it, that is, until now. Lima’s version sees Leon and Claire making their way through the T-virus infected Raccoon City with modern visuals and effects. The game retains the look and feel of the original game, with all the original controls and schematics. The game’s weapons, inventory and save systems were kept with improved sound effects and newly added cut scenes. Don’t expect to play his version of the game anytime soon though. Lima says the project was merely a learning experience to become more familiar with the Unreal engine and is in no way associated with Capcom.

Commenting on the potential release of the game, Lima stressed his lack of involvement with the videogame’s developer, “”I own nothing here except the UnrealScript that I wrote. Everything else belongs to their respective owners.”

With the impressive playthrough video, Capcom could certainly capitalize on the side project. The word on the street is that the game developer has plans to remaster Resi 2. Using Lima’s game could save a lot of money on research and development. Let’s make this happen. Fans have waited long enough.

Until the second entry of the horror-survival game has been remade, players can spend their time watching Lima’s killer playthrough above.

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