Three New Shovel Knight Amiibo Figures Are on the Way

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Three New Shovel Knight Amiibo Figures Are on the Way

Obsessive amiibo collectors will have three more figures to snag very soon. The creation of the original Shovel Knight amiibo was a surprise, as the honor is generally reserved for Nintendo characters, and the occasional third-party Smash Bros. fighter—now, Yacht Club Games has announced that a three-pack of more Shovel Knight amiibos is coming soon.

The additions to the line are Plague Knight, Specter Knight and King Knight, all providing “new ways” to play Shovel Knight for Nintendo platforms. Specifically, the developer mentions that each of the figures will provide a new cosmetic armor set, and the amiibos will introduce new “Challenge Stages” for players. Additionally, the amiibos will allow players to have Fairy companions join them in-game, though it appears that these fairies have no function in gameplay.

Yacht Club Games accompanied the announcement with a rather sultry video from popular YouTube channel Game Grumps:

It’s a fun treat for fans, though admittedly not a video we would have expected to be posted on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. Yacht Club Games did not announce a release window for the new amiibo figures in their blog post.

In Nintendo’s indie game showcase for PAX West, Nintendo announced a new downloadable campaign for Shovel Knight, titled King of Cards. The content is due for release in the first quarter of 2018. Also worth mentioning is Shovel Knight’s inclusion in the No More Heroes follow-up, Travis Strikes Again, which will have protagonist Travis Touchdown travel through indie titles such as Hotline Miami and Shovel Knight.

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