Ubisoft Delays Pirate Game Skull & Bones Into 2022

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Ubisoft Delays Pirate Game Skull & Bones Into 2022

The year of delays has come for its most predictable victim. As sure as day becomes night and water is wet, Skull & Bones, the pirate game Ubisoft game announced four years ago (and that I’m not convinced really exists) has been delayed. Again. After three previous delays.

Announced at E3 2017, the game was set to release in 2018, where it would’ve been in competition with that other pirate game that actually did come out that year, Sea of Thieves. How foolish of us to think we were on the precipice of a pirate renaissance in games, and then it just never came to fruition at all.

Skull & Bones has experienced, I believe, the most delays of any game I’ve ever followed. It wasn’t long before the game was pushed into 2019, before Ubisoft pushed it back to 2020. 2020 presented tons of challenges that may have affected Skull & Bones, which predictably suffered another delay, and is now scheduled for sometime after March 2022.

Last year, the team behind the game did make a blog post assuring that development was “in full swing with a new vision,” and announced that other Ubisoft studios were helping them cross the finish line. Hopefully that means that the game will be finished soon, and that this will be the last delay.

We’ll have a better idea of where the game is at if it shows up at Ubisoft’s E3 show this year, or at any Ubisoft showcase that may happen between now and March 2022. I really hope it does happen, because I know there’s a crowd who has to have been waiting years for this now, and I’m sure the developers would love to launch the project they’ve spent countless years on.

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