PC Power In Your Hands: The Steam Deck “Launches” Feb. 25

Who's ready to hold Steam in their hands and not get burned?

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PC Power In Your Hands: The Steam Deck “Launches” Feb. 25

Valve made big news earlier this week by announcing that the highly anticipated Steam Deck, a fully portable device tailored to playing PC games on the go, launches on Feb. 25.

Taking PC quality games on the go has long been a dream, and Valve saw big returns when they unveiled the Fisher-Price-esque tablet over the summer. Pre-orders filled quickly, so many who may want the device may be waiting a while for the opportunity to get their hands on it.

Although the Steam Deck “launches” on Feb. 25, systems will not start shipping out to their owners until the 28th. These three days of purgatory allow time for those who pre-ordered to actually purchase the device, as if the pre-orders were simply a ticket number you pull while waiting at the deli. Sony has also adopted this model for the process of purchasing a PS5, which still remains an arduous and luck-based task over a year after launch.

The handheld device was originally slated for a December launch, but was delayed into 2022, citing supply chain issues, something that has become quite commonplace among nearly every industry.

Should the Steam Deck peak your interest, you can still pre-order one for a measly $5. But, as a warning, the wait times for receiving the device are ridiculous. As an avowed anti-PC gamer, the Steam Deck does strike me as a possible future purchase, but it’s frankly bizarre looking and tiny buttons along with it’s uncomfortably large body make me want to wait until reviews are in before testing yet another Valve technology. Anyone remember the Steam Controller? No?

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