A24’s The Green Knight Gets a Tabletop Role-Playing Game

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A24’s The Green Knight Gets a Tabletop Role-Playing Game

David Lowery’s The Green Knight will be coming out… sometime. The arthouse fantasy was supposed to hit theaters in May, but there’s a little matter of a certain pandemic that knocked those plans out. Right now a release is up in the air, with distributor A24 still holding out for a theatrical run before going on demand. A24 has a novel way to tide everybody excited for this Arthurian epic over, though: an old-school tabletop role-playing game.

The Green Knight: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game is a brand new pen-and-paper RPG in the style of classic Dungeons & Dragons. Its first (and, presumably, only) release is the Quest for Honor Starter Set, and is currently available for preorder at A24’s site. It comes with a guide that includes all the info necessary to run a campaign, five character sheets, a map, and a 20-sided die. A24 hasn’t released much more info than that, but there is a short video promo that you can watch below, and a press release suggests what kind of adventures you can get up to in the game.

From the hallowed halls of Camelot to the mysterious wilds of the fabled Green Chapel, embark on a mythical journey across Arthurian lands in search of the Green Knight. Prepare to face highwaymen, ghostly damsels, mystical creatures and more.

The game costs $35, and orders will ship by August 7—which will almost definitely be before the movie’s available anywhere.

We here at Paste fully endorse any and all prestige film distributors or production companies that want to horn in on the gaming market. Annapurna launched an interactive wing a few years ago and have released some of our favorite games since. A24 has been on a consistently good run of films for years now, and it’d be cool to see that same level of quality brought to the gaming sphere. Maybe this is the start of that? Or maybe it’s just a goofy one-off marketing gimmick. Time will tell.

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