The Internet Arcade Releases More Than 2,000 MS-DOS Games

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The Internet Arcade Releases More Than 2,000 MS-DOS Games

Back in November of last year, the Internet Archive launched a digital archive of more than 900 famous arcade games to be played for free online, titled the Internet Arcade. Back-of-the-bar classics such as Astro Blaster and Street Fighter 2 are only a fraction of the many hours to be killed browsing through their collection, and the Internet Arcade evidently wasn’t done.

Now, in addition to the massive collection of arcade games, the Internet Arcade has added an even more massive collection of MS-DOS computer games, with 2,400 titles to be downloaded or streamed for free. The collection includes everything under the sun, from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (which is shockingly hard if one hasn’t brushed up on their geography), the original Prince of Persia, SimCity and the Oregon Trail, among many others.

The collection is a veritable treasure trove of nostalgia, and it is definitely worth a look. Check out the full collection of MS-DOS games available to stream or download here.

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