Thumper Gets Even Harder Today with a Free Update

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If Thumper wasn’t hard enough for you, you can now try out a brand new feature that makes it even tougher. The new PLAY mode brings higher scores and faster speeds to Drool’s brutal rhythm game, but it also introduces a Thumper-appropriate take on permadeath: if you die once, your game is over. PLAY is now available for Steam, PS4 and PS VR in a free update.

Also, if you’re upgrading to the PlayStation 4 Pro today, the update will let you play Thumper in native 4K on Sony’s new-ish console. So not only will it be the hardest Thumper you’ve ever done thumped, it’ll be the prettiest one, too.

Here’s a screenshot of Thumper in its full 4K glory:


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