Over 70 More Xbox Games Will Be Getting an FPS Boost Upgrade

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Over 70 More Xbox Games Will Be Getting an FPS Boost Upgrade

Microsoft announced today that over 70 games, including many on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, would be receiving an FPS Boost upgrade, bumping up their framerates to anywhere between 60 frames per second to 120. The grand total of FPS Boost-compatible games is now 97.

This expansion to the FPS Boost catalog is the greatest one yet. Before today, that catalog was only up to about 23 entries. Now there’s a whole slew of games including Alien: Isolation, a number of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry titles, Mad Max, Wasteland 3, and the best game ever, and at a whopping 120 FPS, Hollow Knight.

For the full list of FPS Boost compatible games, you can check out Major Nelson’s evolving list of titles on his blog here.

FPS Boost, a feature that has allowed the Xbox engineering team to adjust the frame rates of games without the developers needing to work on it themselves, has been an excellent selling point for revisiting my backlog of late. The one-two punch of FPS Boost and a ton of those games being on Game Pass makes the Xbox Series X and Series S a killer backwards-compatible machine. At a time when the immediate competition is either threatening to close their old storefronts or repackaging them to sell at modern prices (looking at you, Super Mario 3D All Stars), the accessibility on display from Xbox is admirable—especially when you consider their recent decision to drop Xbox Live Gold as a requirement for online play on free-to-play titles.

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