Owen Wilson and Ed Helms Hunt for Their Father in First Bastards Trailer

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It may only be September, but January is right around the corner, and with it comes Bastards, a new comedy starring Ed Helms and Owen Wilson. The film tells the story of fraternal twins who are on the hunt for a father they didn’t even know existed. Their mom, played by Glenn Close, lied to them about their father, saying he was dead when really she has no idea who he is.

That sends the brothers on a mission to meet their maker, so to speak. Now, because their mother is Glenn Close, their father must be someone of equal heft. Among the likely candidates are an anger-filled J.K. Simmons and NFL star Terry Bradshaw. Of course, this story is really about the brothers finding themselves.

Bastards is set to hit theaters on Jan. 27, just in time to save you from the solemnity of Oscar season. Check out the full trailer above, and wonder aloud why films seem so unwilling to cast the actual Wilson brothers as siblings.