070 Shake Drops New Track “Black Dress”

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070 Shake Drops New Track “Black Dress”

It’s only been a year since 070 Shake released her sophomore album You Can’t Kill Me, but Def Jam’s visionary darling is already gearing up for her third LP with the atmospheric new single “Black Dress.” The anthemic track is a harmonious display of strings, soaring synths and Shake’s effortlessly airy vocals. Combining the best of the Jersey native’s debut with the celestial rhythms and lyrical weight of her second album, “Black Dress,” is an authentic confession of a doomed romance. The line “My baby was in a black dress when she married me,” is a warning sign that the fleeting romance is dead before it began.

The 26-year-old continues to push herself creatively, and the sincerity of this track peels back a mature layer of Shake that bodes well for her impending album. The best way to describe Shake’s music is alien—there is truly no one doing it like her, and “Black Dress” is another shining star in her musical galaxy.

Watch the music video for “Black Dress” below.

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