Arcade Fire Mark 15 Years of Funeral with Restored “Rebellion (Lies)” Video

The band's 2004 debut celebrates its anniversary this Saturday, Sept. 14

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Arcade Fire Mark 15 Years of Funeral with Restored “Rebellion (Lies)” Video

As Paste recalled in declaring Arcade Fire’s 2004 debut Funeral one of the best albums of the decade back in 2009, the band “crashed into our collective consciousness with their kinetic debut album, which paid tribute to fallen loved ones, delivered a suite of ‘Neighborhood’ songs that served as a proxy for disappearing family and community, and implored everyone still living here on Earth to wake the hell up.”

Now, Win Butler and company have announced their plans for the album’s 15th anniversary, coming up this Saturday, Sept. 14, a date Arcade Fire will celebrate with “never-before-seen live footage, archival pictures from the time of the album’s release and various other exclusive content,” per a press release. Our first taste of said content comes in the form of a new, high-definition restoration of the band’s “Rebellion (Lies)” video, which you can watch down below.

“The ‘Rebellion’ video is the first video we made as a band, filmed in the months before the release of Funeral,” Arcade Fire explain on Twitter. “Our friend Josh Deu, who used to play in Arcade Fire, did the visual effects on the video. Enjoy the band as the babies we were!”

Arcade Fire also promise behind-the-scenes footage from the band’s personal archive, rare live performances, photos from the making of Funeral, a complete Anton Corbijn shoot, tour memorabilia including calendars, journal entries, and early fliers and posters, and “a bespoke canvas video for each album … ending where it all began—with Funeral.” It sounds like an absolute smorgasbord for longtime fans of the band.

Arcade Fire released their latest album Everything Now in 2017. We issued our updated picks for the band’s best songs that same year, with Funeral tracks, including “Rebellion (Lies),” making up a third of the list.

Watch the remastered “Rebellion (Lies)” video below. You can stream Funeral via Spotify here.

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