SongWriter Is a New Podcast Exploring Intersections of Music and Literature

Singer-songwriter Ben Arthur collaborates with Roxane Gay, The Lumineers' Byron Isaacs, and other artists in the new series

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SongWriter Is a New Podcast Exploring Intersections of Music and Literature

In New York City-based musician Ben Arthur’s new podcast, SongWriter, how music and literature interlock will be discussed with numerous notable guests—Roxane Gay, Ted Leo, Joyce Carol Oates, Patricia Lockwood, Gary Shteyngart and others—over 13 episodes. Different artistic ways of storytelling will be explored throughout the show’s first season, premiering June 11 on podcast streaming services.

Over his career, Arthur has released eight full-length albums, published two novels and written an op-ed for The New York Times, and his work has been featured in many other publications.

His seventh album, Call & Response, was a collection of what he calls “answer songs,” which are his own compositions and lyrics written in response to another work of art.

Each episode of SongWriter will showcase a story and a song written in response to it by various songwriters, and will also include interviews with writers and artists.

The episode premiere dates and featured guests can be found below, and a preview of the series is available on Arthur’s website. His forthcoming ninth album is called Perspective.

SongWriter Season One Episodes:

11 – Episode One – Susan Orlean
25 – Episode Two – Gary Shteyngart + Elissa LeCoque*

09 – Episode Three – Deborah Copaken + Tommy Siegel (Jukebox the Ghost)
23 – Episode Four – Dolan Morgan + Emily Hope Price

06 – Episode Five – Joyce Carol Oates + Ted Leo
20 – Episode Six – Roxane Gay + Aya Aziz

03 – Episode Seven – Rick Moody + Xenia Rubinos
17 – Episode Eight – Kurt Anderson + Vienna Teng*

01 – Episode Nine – Rita Mullaney + Byron Isaacs (The Lumineers)
15 – Episode 10 – Aura Hernandez + Denise Reis*
29 – Episode 11 – Patricia Lockwood + Sasha Dobson

12 – Episode 12 – Anna North + Missy Eaves*
26 – Bonus Episode – Jonathan Lethem + Cindy Lee Berryhill

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