Chastity Belt Share New Single, “Fake”

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Chastity Belt Share New Single, “Fake”

Seattle/L.A. quartet Chastity Belt have teased their forthcoming 7” release “Fake” b/w “Fear” with its A-side single “Fake.” The record is out this Friday (Dec. 3) via self-release worldwide and Milk! Records in Australia.

The band also released a corresponding music video, directed by Eleanor Petry. The four bandmates dress as clowns as they dance, juggle, explore a city and, later, join a clown party. The repeated phrase “It’s just a fear” almost acts as an entrancing chant, one that certainly fits the playful and equally eerie feeling of the video. In “Fear,” Chastity Belt sound as if they’re facing their fears head-on, exasperated and also determined to overcome them.

In a statement, Chastity Belt member Julia Shapiro described the inspiration behind “Fake,” saying, “This song is about not being able to be honest and vulnerable with someone—talking about surface level things in order to avoid real conversations. It started as a poem I wrote when I was camping at Lake Siskiyou in Mt. Shasta, and then I turned it into a song.”

“Making the ‘Fake’ video was a dream come true!” says Petry. “I started getting into clowning a few years ago so it just felt so right to clown around Seattle with the CB gals and capture their various clown talents (juggling, blading, etc … ). I ended up making the final edits while at a puppet festival in France, which was just perfect, getting rooted on by all the clowns and puppeteers as the video came together.”

Watch the video for “Fake” below. You can preorder “Fake” b/w “Fear” here.

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