You Can Meet Chromatics in the Cemetery on “Famous Monsters”

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You Can Meet Chromatics in the Cemetery on “Famous Monsters”

Chromatics have shared their second new track of 2020. “Famous Monsters” follows last month’s “TOY,” with an accompanying instrumental version. The track is a smokey house number, with alluring keys and singer Ruth Radelet reciting a strange spoken-word poem. It’s a bit different for the group, leaning into Johnny Jewel’s more electronic projects à la Desire.

The song comes coupled with a Jewel-directed video. Like you might expect, it features Radelet amidst striking imagery, with some psychedelic effects and disorienting lighting. The video ends with a notification of an R rating (for “Ruth Radelet”) and a title card, as if the video were an ad for a forthcoming film. It’s what everyone wants from the enigmatic band—filmic pomp, perfect for inlaying in any film or auteur TV show from their live appearance in Twin Peaks: The Return to last year’s cover of Hole’s “Petals” for Netflix film The Perfection.

There’s still no word on whether “TOY” or “Famous Monsters” will be included on a new LP, let alone whether the much-delayed Dear Tommy will rear its head anytime soon (or if it exists at all). As time continues to pass, Dear Tommy may as well be a myth.

You can check out the video and single art for “Famous Monsters” below. It and the instrumental version are available on all streaming services.

“Famous Monsters” Single Art


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