Leaked Snippet of New Drake Single Has the Internet Buzzing

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Leaked Snippet of New Drake Single Has the Internet Buzzing

A new Drake single has been leaked. The snippet comes to us via a man with the Twitter handle @OVOWithMyWoes in a low-quality video that was seemingly recorded at a club. Under the blinking red and blue lights of the venue’s chandelier, the man dressed in a black hoodie records himself dancing to the lyrics:

I hope you don’t come and start no trouble with me / Trying to keep it peaceful is a struggle for me / Don’t pull up at 6 a.m. to party with me / You know how I like it when you loving on me / God’s plan, God’s plan, God’s plan …

Whether it was Drake’s plan or not, the leaked snippet has been circulating the internet since it was posted, creating massive hype for a brand-new album. The Young Papi, Drizzy Drake, only two days into the new year, looks to have already won summer 2018 (assuming the album drops at that time). What we can expect from the new album sounds from “God’s Plan” to be the same melodic Drake. The new snippet is catchy, repetitive and smooth, the kind of song that has been synonymous with Drake for his past few albums. It looks like fans will have to wait for the return of a hard-rapping Drake, but then again he might just surprise us. In the meantime, listen to the snippet for yourself below.

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