Lana Del Rey's Lust for Life Leaks, Singer Calls Leakers "Little Fuckers"

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Lana Del Rey's <i>Lust for Life</i> Leaks, Singer Calls Leakers "Little Fuckers"

Keeping with the theme of previous album releases, Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album, Lust for Life, has turned up online just days before its official release. The singer was notified of the leak via Twitter, to which she appropriately (and hilariously) replied, “U little fuckers.”

With the help of some of her dedicated fans, the singer got the link deleted.

Del Rey's music is notorious for leaking. A number of her demos are floating around the Internet; most were never intended for release. This time around, she was adamant that the album would remain under lock and key.

Lust for Life will be officially released this Friday, July 21. Don’t try to listen to it before then, u little fuckers.