Hear LCD Soundsystem Deliver an Electrifying Set of Early Hits in 2007

Over a decade later, these tracks still bite.

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Hear LCD Soundsystem Deliver an Electrifying Set of Early Hits in 2007

When LCD Soundsystem shot onto the dance scene, their entry was something of a supernova— a gritty brilliance fueled their ascent, racing them toward their (temporary) end in 2011. It was all a symptom of the times: their marriage of post-punk and dance-rock production, pioneered by frontman James Murphy, was perhaps best bred of and for the aughts. Socioeconomic and political anxiety pooled forth in quiet waves, with America facing its deadliest years in the Iraq War and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Dance music— our stable source of release—was due for a consistent shift. Enter LCD Soundsystem.

James Murphy brought nerve and steel to the fore of pop, his voice forging across agitated guitar riffs, punchy drum machines, and reeling synths. Now, his band still carries an impeccable timing, having returned in the context of a Trump presidency and resurgent cultural unrest. They are currently touring their latest album, American Dream, a roaring rebirth replete with wistful lyrics and snapping rhythms. It’s a satisfying leap into the new age for LCD Soundsystem, one that still echoes a sound they pioneered years ago.

We can best hear those roots on albums like Sound of Silver, the band’s 2007 sophomore triumph. An appropriately titled record, its tracklist features clattering, pop-poised compositions like “All My Friends,” “North American Scum,” and “Someone Great.” Shortly after their release, these songs were performed live in concert at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, Penn. Here at Paste, we have original audio of their set, recorded on this day in 2007.

Listen below to revel in some of LCD Soundsystem’s enduring hits— they’ll make you glad the band is back, and hopefully here to stay.

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