Watch the Visual for Leonard Cohen’s “Thanks for the Dance”

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“Thanks For The Dance,” the title track from Leonard Cohen’s posthumous album, received the Artistic Responses to Leonard Cohen treatment on Tuesday courtesy of NOWNESS and London-based fashion photographer Harley Weir. “I’m a huge fan of Leonard Cohen,” says Weir in a statement. “His lyrics are so raw and yet so warm. I am honoured to be a part of his legacy.”

The video stars Rowan Blanchard and Lily Cole engaging in a hazy, choreography-led dreamscape, a series of colorfully evocative images informed by Weir’s signature style. There’s an attention to fabric and motion, and an inherent warmth to the molasses-slow movement present. At one point, Cole cradles three babies in her arms, embodying a stately, primal maternal attitude. It’s a gorgeous send-off to Cohen, a perfect and mature love song coupled with a distinctly feminine visual.

You can check out the video below, and check out the other entries in the Artistic Responses to Leonard Cohen series via NOWNESS. The project is reaching its final stretch, with just three more entries coming to wrap the series. Further down below, check out a ‘88 recording of Cohen at the Royal Albert Hall from the Paste archives.