Daily Dose: Media Jeweler, “Motivate”

The band are sharing a new found-footage video in advance of new album 1-800-SUCCEED.

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Daily Dose: Media Jeweler, “Motivate”

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L.A. DIY mainstays and self-proclaimed “electric guitar-based music group” Media Jeweler are releasing a new record, 1-800-SUCCEED, on March 30. The follow-up to 2015’s $99 R/T Hawaii, the band’s latest release is a hypnotic blend of tense post-punk and math rock precision. Highlighting prickly guitars and subtle-yet-feverish rhythms, 1-800-SUCCEED expels intermittent bursts of cool, agitated calm.

Media Jeweler are now sharing a new video for “Motivate,” the album’s lead single. In a statement, Sam Farzin wrote: “In college I used to buy unmarked or interesting looking VHS and cassette tapes at thrift stores and yard sales. I love a glimpse into another dimension. Through the years I’ve purged many of these from my little world but this casting tape is one of the few that has persisted and I rediscovered it a few weeks ago while eating pizza at my house with Media Jeweler bass player Thom. We immediately had the same idea about what we needed to do.”

“Everyday is a mind-trick in which you have to convince yourself — sometimes passively, sometimes actively — that even the next footfall has value and purpose. You have to extract meaning out of whatever is in front of you,” Media Jeweler believe. Yo, same.

1-800-SUCCEED is out March 30 on Fire Talk Records.

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