Morrissey Releases Another Lost Studio Track: “Blue Dreamers Eyes”

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Morrissey Releases Another Lost Studio Track: “Blue Dreamers Eyes”

As an artist whose career has survived decades and the switch from band to solo act, it’s no surprise that Morrissey has an abundance of songs that have never made it into the hands of listeners; however, he’s changing that somewhat. The “lost studio track” “By The Time I Get To Wherever I’m Going” was released earlier this year and just yesterday “Blue Dreamers Eyes” extended the (tainted) legacy of this iconic English musician.

Low In High School came out last year around the time Morrissey decided to share arguably too much about his opinions, including his unsympathetic views on sexual assault, his overt nationalism and a claim of falling victim to an act of terror. Paste even compiled a list of Morrissey’s 8 Most Offensive Comments. Those who are able to separate art from artist enough to listen to “Blue Dreamers Eyes” will find a strings-infused track that plucks along, Morrissey’s voice sliding from smooth and sentimental to choppy and conversational. The intended self-deprecating and hopeful lyrics are a little too on the nose if you come in with a critical eye, though. “I’m scum and I’ve always been scum,” Morrissey sings. Ok, we won’t argue with you. “Blue dreamers eyes, and I wanna go somewhere where nobody knows me,” he continues. Sure, that’s fine too.

Listen to the track below:

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