Parquet Courts Announces New Album Human Performance: Watch The Video For “Dust”

Music News Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts has announced that their fifth studio album, Human Performance, will be released Apr. 8 via Rough Trade Records. It’s sort of surprising to see the self-described “Americana punks” putting out new music so soon after November’s Monastic Living EP, but given the lukewarm reception to that record, it’s probably a good thing that our palates will be cleansed shortly.

The band also made a music video for Human Performance’s lead single, “Dust,” and it’s got an early Darren Aronofsky feel to it, what with the sepia tone, the mundanity of office life, and the invasion of threatening hallucinations—including what looks like an anthropomorphic dust mite. The song itself is hard-driving, its motorik-infused beat and hypnotic riffs slowly leading to a chaotic conclusion. Check it out below.

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