Watch Phoebe Bridgers Perform "Kyoto" on The Late Late Show

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Watch Phoebe Bridgers Perform "Kyoto" on <i>The Late Late Show</i>

Phoebe Bridgers appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden Wednesday night to share a new performance of “Kyoto.”

She starts off “Kyoto” by waking up in her room and singing a softer version of the song in bed, before shifting the setting to none other than a green-screened version of Carnegie Hall. Backed by a string section in the backdrop, it makes this version feel just as real as being in an orchestra hall.

Recently, Bridgers released a new EP, Copycat Killer, featuring lighter instrumental renditions of songs from Punisher, including “Kyoto.” We ranked that album among 2020’s best, with “Kyoto” landing on our list of the year’s best songs.

Watch Bridgers perform “Kyoto” for The Late Late Show below and revisit her 2017 Paste Studio session further down.