PREMIERE: Listen to Say Anything’s New Single “ON CUM”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Say Anything’s New Single “ON CUM”

Today, LA pop-punk stalwarts Say Anything have released the latest single from their forthcoming LP …Is Committed, their first full-length album in five years. “ON CUM” breaks down the door right out of the gates, with vocalist Max Bemis crooning through a gravelly catharsis while his bandmates Brian Warren G and Fred Mascherino shred in unison and in fury. And nobody is safe beneath the weight of Bemis’ pen, as he calls out Mr. Smith, Dalton Trumbo, Joan of Arc, Tom DeLonge and the ambiguous “king of mindfucks.” “Fuck their cops and fuck their law, we’re leaving,” he belts out in an anthemic lilt. “Never stop running hot, coming for you!” In their new era, Say Anything can’t help but run wild through brash technicolor.

“’ON CUM’ is an ode to the sanctity of having a second song on any uppity record that at least attempts to truly ‘knock,’ Bemis says. “The ‘chopping steak’ beat being included is the evidence we weren’t content to only half-knock when ‘Monkey Wrench’ still exists.”

Listen to “ON CUM” below.

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