PREMIERE: Listen to Sex Week’s New Single “Angel Blessings”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Sex Week’s New Single “Angel Blessings”

Today, Brooklyn duo Sex Week have announced their signing with Grand Jury Music via the release of new single “Angel Blessings.” Pearl Amanda Dickson and Richard Orofino released their debut single “Toad Mode” last fall, and “Angel Blessings” is a rapturous, celestial cut of woozy, folkish phenomena. Inspired by duets and duos like Stevie Nicks and Don Henley and David Lynch and Laura Dern, Sex Week are harmonious and obsessed with each other’s strengths. And, with Dickson’s angelic droning working in tandem with Orofino’s plucky strums, “Angel Blessings” for itself: It’s a vibrant, glitchy slice of seductive whispers and sublime, low-key electric slashes.

Dickson and Orofino say of the song: “May your angels replace your worries with peace and your challenges with blessings. By listening to this song, you may want to sing along, and we want you to know that the angels told us that you should sing and be a little louder when you do, because that helps lift your spirit and release you from stress.“

Listen to “Angel Blessings” below.

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