The Frights Release the Tooth Decay-Inducing Music Video for “CRUTCH”

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The Frights Release the Tooth Decay-Inducing Music Video for “CRUTCH”

The new music video for “CRUTCH” by The Frights finds the band in a jumble of food and clothing as the suitcase they’re in tosses around in the back of a van. While the band members aren’t really in the suitcase, they are actually having food and drink dumped on them. They bear this as best they can—which is to say there are many attempts at drinking while lying down and trying not to get all those snacks in their eyes while the lyric “I made a mess,” takes on a very literal meaning. Yet despite all the jostling and food dropping, Mikey Carnevale impressively manages to lip-sync along.

Speaking about the song to their label, Epitaph Records, Carnevale describes how the song came about and how it relates to The Frights: “It’s a song about our band. About how it can simultaneously be the coolest thing in the world and the only thing I actually hate.”

With all the food chaos going on, you may have missed details like drummer Marc Finn lighting a bong about 50 seconds in. Other details include the car having a license plate that reads “CRUTCH.” Interestingly, another license plate appears inside the car next to the driver’s seat, by the cup holders, which reads “BRASS” (1:59). Whether that’s a hint for music to come or just a set detail is yet to be seen. Details for the band’s third album haven’t been revealed yet, but more news is expected soon.

Watch the video for “CRUTCH” and listen to a performance by the band from the Paste archives below.

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