Listen to Thyla’s Invigorating Sophomore EP Everything At Once

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Listen to Thyla’s Invigorating Sophomore EP Everything At Once

Brighton dream-pop outfit Thyla have released their second EP, Everything At Once. Everything At Once follows their 2019 debut EP What’s On Your Mind, which landed on our list of best EPs of last year. Thyla were also featured on our list of 15 New British Acts You Need to Know in 2019.

Everything At Once includes three previously released singles, “Two Sense,” “Lenox Hill” and “December,” plus a brand new track, “Everything.” The four-track EP is full of invigorating, crisp rock songs, all cloaked in glorious guitar mist. Lead singer Millie Duthie’s voice is positively sublime—she’s just as proficient in exalted rock anthems as graceful pop introspections. Their new song, “Everything,” has the kind of rich climax that requires closed eyes and an unlimited imagination—once that cutting guitar kicks in and Duthie’s stirring, layered vocals begin to surface, you’re fully dialed in.

“We called the EP Everything At Once because that ‘sound’ we’ve been nurturing for so long is now screaming back at us,” Duthie says. “We’ve been careful not to put any restraints on and as a result there are many sides to Thyla. It’s difficult to put what it is that defines it into words, but it’s here!”

Listen to “Everything” below and click here to stream Everything At Once on Spotify.

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