2020 Olympics Plans Rocked by Tokyo Governor’s Resignation

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After a logo plagiarism controversy surrounding the 2020 Olympic Games sent Japan back to the literal drawing board, a new problem now provides yet another obstacle for the future host country: the resignation of Tokyo governor Yoichi Masuzoe.

Masuzoe is resigning after numerous reports from Japanese media called out his misuses of political funds. Specifically, Masuzoe is accused of spending taxpayer money on personal purchases, including expensive hotels, a costly weekend retreat and comic books for his kids.

Masuzoe’s predecessor, Naoki Inose, was forced to resign for similar charges back in 2013.

The now-former governor was supposed to accept the Olympic flag on behalf of his country during the closing ceremony of the Rio Games.

According to a Reuters report, the disgraced Masuzoe stated after his unanimous resignation approval that he has “nothing but feeling of regret,” and “is solely to blame for everything,”

The country’s Olympics committee said Masuzoe’s departure will not affect preparations for the games.

“The Tokyo 2020 organizing committee considers the timing of this leadership change in the host city to be regrettable,” said Yoshiro Mori, the president of the organizing committee behind 2020 Japan Games, in a statement, per the AP.

Mori said the committee “looks forward to working with the new governor and proceeding with efforts to ensure the smooth progress of Games preparations.”

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