Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

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Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Record Low

It’s no surprise to find President Trump’s approval rating constantly dwelling at the bottom of the executive basement, but March appears to be the worst those numbers have been since he took office. According to Morning Consult, last month saw Trump’s approval rating drop to 41 percent, a record low for his presidency.

The Morning Consult 50 state approval tracker gathers data from 97,693 registered voters across every state and Washington, D.C., releasing monthly results. The poll shows support for Trump’s performance dropping not only nationwide, but also within multiple states that leaned decidedly pro-Trump in the 2016 presidential election. His approval in Iowa dropped nine percent and is down six percent in Idaho and Tennessee.

The new record low tops the previous benchmark of 42 percent set in October and November 2017, and represents a two percent drop in approval from February’s polling.

It seems that the rash of firings, unruly and erratic conduct and messaging from the White House and constant denial of fact is starting to catch up with the Commander-in-Chief. The escalating Stormy Daniels situation and Mueller investigation could also represent a loss of faith in the president.

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