Trump Is Now a Hurricane Maria Truther

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Trump Is Now a Hurricane Maria Truther

Have you fully woken up yet? Have you rubbed your eyes, started your pot of morning coffee, stepped outside to take the air?

Have you forgotten, for a brief and merciful moment, the state of the American republic?

Well, WAKE UP, baby, because Trump just tweeted something awful:

It sounds like, from the language used, that Trump believes fewer than 100 people died in Hurricane Maria. The real number, of course, is close to 3,000. That comes from an independent analysis conducted at George Washington University that measures not just immediate deaths, but deaths attributable to the hurricane in the disastrous aftermath. Since that number reflects poorly on Trump, though, he’s chosen not to believe it.

With his tweets Thursday morning, Trump managed the following:

1. He diminished the tragic deaths of everyone who lost a life to Hurricane Maria.

2. He insulted the family and friends of the victims.

3. He contributed to a growing—and highly damaging—conspiracy theory culture in the United States, in which any unpleasant fact can be explained away as fiction, and which both allows and encourages a polarized people to live in alternate realities.

4. He managed to undermine journalism. And science.

The president’s Twitter account has always been a nightmare, but now it seems like he might be heading into uncharted waters. With Alex Jones finally booted off the platform, maybe Trump is stepping into the lunatic void.

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