Czech Team Attempts A Very Odd Corner Kick

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Czech Team Attempts A Very Odd Corner Kick

In soccer, there are well-planned set pieces. There are also strange set pieces. Only rarely, however, do you stumble across a set piece that is both well-planned and strange. Czech First League club FK Pribram seems intent on rectifying that last point.

Pribram was locked in a scoreless first half draw against FK Teplice when the team elected to opt for a less-than-conventional corner kick. Five Pribram players formed a circle near the top of the box and then proceeded to rotate together, first one direction and then the other. For their part, the Teplice players initially attempted to defend the maneuver before quickly realizing that it wasn’t actually accomplishing anything.

The result of all that tactical masterminding? The corner was played long and none of the circling attackers was able to get to the ball. The match eventually finished in a 1-1 draw, with both goals coming the boring old conventional route of feet and heads.

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