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Like Coco Chanel’s signature strand of pearls, a fine piece of jewelry can evoke a timeless feel while still on trend and á la mode. With the current fashion obsession rooted deeply in the ‘70s, boho-chic jewelry and gems are in. Turquoise is back, but more understated than shown before, and independent jewelry designers are finding a voice in their metal work. Still, while the current style climate has had an influence, all the below collections stand on their own, and are sure to provide key accessories for any signature look in the future.

Whether your style is refined and delicate or edgy and bold, these top ten designers on Instagram have started a revolution with their jewels and gems. Mostly designed by women, these lines are inspired with a focus on local and sustainable practices. Investing in a cuff or collar, long-strand pendant or jeweled ring, never felt so good.

10. Laurel Hill

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Rustic is as rustic does. Laurel Hill, based out of Montana, is named for the owner, who hand makes each piece with a focus on sustainability and traditional methods. Inspired from native customs and cultural adornment, Hill’s collections are stunning with cuffs and collars, hairpins and earrings. Each and every piece of her work has a story to tell and a lovely, rustic vibe to share.

9. Coyote Negro

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Based in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, Coyote Negro specializes in handcrafted jewelry, as well as a finely curated collection of vintage pieces. Heavy pendants, thin-as-reed hairpins and a collection of his and her rings to drool over, Melissa Hernández’s Coyote Negro may have a small selection, but each item is something special.

8. Brooke Gregson

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Jet-setting between Los Angeles and London, Brooke Gregson’s line draws from both aesthetics. With an earthy attitude towards gems and woven bracelets, as well as an eye for fine metal work, Gregson’s pieces highlight a bohemian ease and have the ability to stand alone as a focal point, or be layered upon one another to amp up the drama. Handcrafted, each precious stone looks unique and specially designed for its setting.


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Lucia Bueno-Mallarino is the mastermind behind MALLARINO and designs each and every lovely piece. Drawing inspiration from Colombia’s storied history with filigree, Bueno-Mallarino, who spends time between Colombia and Paris, creates delicate and special collections where the time and work that goes into each item is evident in the fine detailing. Her work is quite playful with rams and goats for rings, as well as simple bracelets in bright gold.

6. Avrocomy

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With its combination of metal and silver, handpicked stones and delicate lines, Avrocomy’s body-centric pieces are one of a kind and striking to say the least. Frequently using turquoise, amethyst druzy and silver howlite in her work, Allison Jenetopulos brings a girlish feel to the tough cut stones. Split between Chicago and Miami, Avrocomy’s style and vision is sure to pop.

5. Ax + Apple

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Jaime Lyn of Ax + Apple has quite the collection of men’s pocket watches, pen knives and various other treasures she has gathered along the way. She repurposes these pieces and makes one of a kind boho-inspired looks. Pendants and cartouche necklaces, vintage pieces and new creations, they all have a ’70s desert child vibe, bringing a bit of classic Americana to any look.

4. Cities in the Dust

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With a simple elegance and pop of color, each piece from Cities in the Dust has an understated wearable vibe, but don’t be fooled, Megan Lorenz’s Chicago-based line has an undeniable glamour factor as well. The Atomic Onyx Cuff and Nova Necklace are statement pieces, and, at affordable prices, great additions to any accessory-junkie’s jewelry box.

3. Sarah & Sebastian

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A collaboration between Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, Sarah & Sebastian has a sophisticated elegance woven throughout their work. Each piece highlights a fine simplicity with sloping, clean lines, but still, among the dainty, thin metal work, is a strength and dynamism all their own. With an honest intent, each piece is handmade in Sydney, Australia from responsible resources.


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A mix of modern sensibility and ancient American cultures, AOKO SU’s aesthetic is modern minimalism done just right. Ashley Jerman, designer and creator, has spent time in the urban and the rural, moving to Missoula, Montana from New York, and these varied influences show throughout her strong, architecturally driven pieces. An eye-catching array of cuffs, collars, gems and rings, AOKO SU brings a modern take to its accessories.

1. Annelise Michelson

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Annelise Michelson, based in Paris, has a wild and tough handcrafted line. Bringing the avant-garde into everyday looks, her work has a palpable sensuality and complexity to each unique piece. Made entirely from materials sourced from her native France, Michelson’s jewelry is more akin to art, bold and statement driven, whether a simple ear cuff or draped choker, each sculptural look is sure to be a showstopper.

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