How to Create a Twitter Poll

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Recently, Twitter rolled out the polls feature to all users that currently use their native iOS and Android apps as well as their website. Support for third party apps are not available yet (not even on TweetDeck).

Twitter Polls is a quick and very easy way to gather opinions from your followers. It is still early but polls could be a useful thing for brands and companies to take advantage of. They can use it to gage a demand for a product/feature, get predictions, feedback, and can even use it in a fun way. Also, because they are all for everyone to use, it’s a pretty fun way of interacting with your friends and followers.

Setting up a poll is easy to do. All you have to do is tap on the compose button like you are writing a new tweet, click on the “poll” button, type in your question, add the two option choices, and then hit “tweet” button.


Your poll will be available for 24 hours to those that can read your tweets will be available to vote (one per account). You and the voters are able to see the current results but the list of voters cannot be viewed. Also, polls are viewable if someone re-tweets it.