Watch Alison Brie in the Trailer for Doctor Thorne, aka "The Next Downton Abbey"

TV Video Alison Brie
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The headline here is that Alison Brie and Ian McShane are starring in a British period drama called Julian Fellowes Presents Doctor Thorne, created by the titular writer who previously brought us Downton Abbey. But here’s what I’m excited about: Tom F’ing Hollander. I’ve loved this guy since he played a character called “The Fucker” on the excellent sitcom The Thick of It, followed that up as the bumbling Simon Foster from In The Loops, and hit my personal British trifecta as Lance Corkoran in the unbelievable TV adaptation of John LeCarre’s The Night Manager. He’s quietly one of the best British actors you’ve never heard of (I admit I had to go to IMDB to remind myself his name just now), and any chance he gets to strut his stuff on American TV is a chance I want to watch.

Other than Hollander and those big American names, this is roughly what you’d expect—a bunch of rich-ish Brits (who are way better looking than real-life Brits) agonizing about money and class and who to marry. Thematically, it’s very possible that it will bore you to tears if you’re not into that kind of thing. If you are, it will probably hit all the right notes. The series comes to Amazon Prime on May 20, and you can watch the trailer above.