BoJack Horseman Reveals Season Five Premiere Date

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BoJack Horseman Reveals Season Five Premiere Date

BoJack Horseman’s Twitter is consistently full of gems, like asking if mimosas would count as juice for a juice cleanse and photos of him backstage at Beychella, but most recently, he used the platform to give us some of the most exciting news we have heard all day.

In response to a fan demanding to know when we can expect the fifth season of our favorite animated Netflix show, BoJack tweeted Wednesday, “the answer is sept. 14th now please stop asking me.”

Netflix’s official Twitter replied, “bojack…we talked about this,” effectively confirming the good news and sparking a hilarious back-and-forth in which BoJack looped in Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his social media privileges were threatened.

News of the show’s renewal and season five production came last September. The fourth season of the show Paste recently named as Netflix’s best original series was one of the most gut-wrenching and honest of the bunch, so we are excited to hear it is only a matter of time until BoJack has us laughing to mask our tears once again.

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