Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review: “Fall”

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Full circle much?

As boring as “Summer” was, “Fall” packs in every bit of plot and detail possible. It’s like the first two episodes: full, meaningful and the story line meant something.

Lorelai is off to do her Wild pilgrimage because she needs to figure things out, and it actually works. (Her “pilgrimage” is really a coffee stop and a view of a vista, but it’s enough to convince me to take a trip like that.) Also, the park ranger is Peter Krause, who played her brother on Parenthood, which I loved.

Anyway, while she’s there, she remembers her father and calls Emily to fix their relationship. It’s perfect.

She also goes home early and Luke tells her how much he loves her. I wanted to die, right there (except then it would ruin being with Luke)! This was the romance we wanted, and yes, like Emily, we want them married!

He gives her the ring and their low-key wedding is all planned. Heaven.

Lorelai is stable, and it only took her until her 40s. It seems like rory might be on that same path. She’s depressed without Logan and her mom, and here comes the Life and Death Brigade to cheer her up. They go out on a night on the town that the rest of us can only dream of. It was fantastic.

Logan returns for the perfect send off, and it’s another episode of “love the one you’re with.” Odette is an ocean away.

Everything seems fine. Rory’s writing her book at Emily’s house while she’s away in Nantucket, while Lorelai is planning her wedding with Ms. Celine. Can we believe she’s still alive?

Jess comes back for the wedding and you can see in his eyes that he still has feelings for Rory. If Logan won’t take Rory, then why do we let that ride?

I don’t know. Jess wanted her; she said no. Logan wanted her; she said no. Now she’s alone and Logan, who once proposed marriage, won’t commit to her, and Jess is out of the picture. It’s a very Christopher-and-Luke situation.

Which, speaking of, we finally see Christopher, and Rory seems very upset when she speaks to him. It feels like more than research for her book. It feels like she’s questioning everything.

Luke and Lorelai decide to have a secret wedding before the real wedding and it feels like a wonderland. It’s just everything. It’s the perfect happy middle for them.

And as great as everything seems for Lorelai, everything seems like Rory is in the same mixed up place Lorelai was when the series started years ago.

And then the last four words. The discussion with Christopher makes sense, and everything else makes sense, except they didn’t give us an ending. Logan is supposedly gone, leaving the door open for Jess—and yet, nothing.

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