In The Affair, It’s Complicated—Maybe Too Complicated

(Episode 3.03)

TV Video The Affair
In The Affair, It’s Complicated—Maybe Too Complicated

I still can’t believe the end of Noah’s story in the first episode wasn’t a hallucination. Someone please explain this!

This week’s episode begins back at the student dinner at Julliette’s house.

It turns out that while they’re discussing consent, the hot, young boy comes into the kitchen and makes out with Juliette while she tells him to stop. (Meanwhile, the young girl who just gave a long talk about consent admits she really wants to have sex with Professor Solloway.)

Juliette is almost as tragic as Alison. Her father is sick and she drinks a lot. When the kids finally go home for the evening, she realizes that Noah’s left his coat. She finds his address and goes to his house—and there he is bleeding on the floor. She saves his life.

Here, we start to see Noah’s memories through his unconscious dreams.

The guard, played by Encino Man Brendan Frasier, is in prison, and says he knew Noah in school. I get the feeling, since Noah doesn’t remember him, that this guy was kind of a loser. At any rate, he reads his book and then decides to give Noah a typewriter.

But when he finishes the book, he hurts Noah and takes the picture of Alison off his wall. Does he love Alison because of the book? Does he hate Noah because of the book?

This book has caused no end of trauma. I don’t think Noah should write anymore.

And while he’s reliving this trauma, Helen is there trying to help. He doesn’t want it. His sister wants to help, too, and he won’t let her, either.

And they get into a fight about the house his father left him. Someone explain this to me.

He goes back to the teacher’s house, because he wants her, but also because he’s afraid of that guard.

He decides to call into the detectives and tell them to look for John Gunther, the prison guard and real murderer.

At this point in The Affair’s third season, there are almost too many plot lines to follow.

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