Amanda Duarte – Comedy

Paste Studio NYC (New York, NY), 05/24/2016

Comedy Video Amanda Duarte

Amanda Duarte admits straight-up that she’s not a stand-up comic. She is a comedian, though, a performer who oversees the free monthly Dead Darlings show at Judson Memorial Church overlooking Washington Square in New York. Dead Darlings hosts comedians, musicians, performer and authors “resurrecting” material that was edited out of their works, offering fans an interesting and entertaining glimpse into the creative process. Dead Darlings is held the second Wednesday of every month at 8 PM, which, yes, means there’s one going down tonight. Tonight’s “Book Club Edition” of Dead Darlings will feature comedian, musician and radio host Dave Hill, along with writers Rebecca Traister, Cintra Wilson and Michael Shulman.

Since she’s not a traditional stand-up, Duarte decided to oversee a trivia game during her slot at Paste‘s comedy night last month. And since Donald Trump and the similarities between his rise and Hitler’s have been dominating the conversation for several months, and because primetime soap legend Joan Collins just had her birthday, it only made since for Duarte to ask the audience to guess if Collins or Hitler were responsible for a series of memorable quotes. Take a look above to see how easy it is to confuse Collins and Hitler’s statements.

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Contact Garrett Martin if you’re interested in performing at or attending a Paste comedy night.

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